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Neil Night at family wash
This little vintage chair stool only comes outta the house for Rhinestone Country Revue
River Town…
Happy 238th “Muricha” #4th

I Am Not by StephenSimmons

Last night in Elijah was sold out:
Tonight at smiths in ATL
@thedavecoleman now at martyn house in Elijah GA
Martyn House
I always feel like somebody’s watching me…
Little pre gig beach time in Destin with the boys @thedavecoleman @dpoftms
I heard I was in town #destin :
Last night was great at Baytowne Wharf. Tonight in Jacksonville at Muddville Music Room


Leader of Men by Stephen Simmons. There’s something intensely appealing about a the music of guitar, a double bass and a fiddle as a trio, something that hints at the great tradition of country and western singer-songwriters but owes more to the neo-folk movements of the 60s and of recent years. However the lyrics are firmly in the old folk tradition, telling the story of a young orphan raised by his uncle’s family. This juxtaposition of two traditions works very well; the melody has none of the rough edges of so many old folk songs, whilst the lyrics actually say something, unlike so many other songs.

Stephen Simmons has just released What The Midnight Swallows Whole, a setting to music of the lyrics of Jeff Wickland, and it’s available now on Bandcamp.

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